Find the Best Garment Bags to Travel

The importance of having a spacious, resistant and comfortable garment bag makes the difference between having a pleasant trip or a rough one, either because of discomfort or lack of space to carry the necessary items, so with this shopping guide we want to help you by giving you the keys to distinguish the quality models of luggage on the market.

10 Best Garment Bag

10 Best Garment Bag

A garment bag is a must if you're a frequent traveller. Especially useful for business trips, it's the perfect tool to keep your things organized and, most of all, to avoid ironing when you get ...

Buyer's Guide to Get the Best Garment Bags
Garment bags are particularly important to people who travel a lot. If you'd like to get a new garment bag but don't kow which one to choose, keep reading and find out what features you should consider.

What's the best garment bag on the market? What garment bag should I buy?

If you need a new garment bag and don't know which one to choose, here we have some tips that can be helpful. Garment bags are usually used to protect clothes during short trips, like suits and other delicate clothing you may need on the same day. So the quality of the cloth (both interior and exterior) is crucial to avoid ironing after the trip and to ensure a long-lasting life. Choosing the best garment bags depends on other personal factors. Think about what kind of clothes you usually take with you to choose the perfect size and shape.

What's the best size for a garment bag?

Size depends highly on the use of the garment bag. Normally, garment bags are designed to occupy the smallest space without messing your clothes. A garment bag should be small enough to meet most airline restrictions. This way you can take it with you when you travel, avoiding checking in and saving time.

What's the best material for a garment bag?

The exterior of the garment bags are usully made of polyester, between 600 or 1200 deniers. The higher this number, the thicker the clothing. Dpending on the design of the garment bag there are other materials, like jacquard, suede or polyester combined with EVA. This is a rubber, washable, and water resistant material.
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