Hardside Luggage
Guide to getting the best hardside luggage. ¿What hardside luggage to buy?
You know that want buy hardside luggage, but you don't know which buy. You have lucky, we have analyze differents models for choose the best for you. The hardside luggage is recommended for travels with high volumen of luggage.

¿Wich is the best hardside luggage? ¿What hardside luggage should buy?

You should ask you the follow questions before you buy the hardside luggage: -What kind of suitcase do I need? Rigid, semi-rigid or soft? -Will I carry a lot of heavy, bulky or delicate luggage? Will I carry it for a long time? Maybe light with a telescopic handle with 2 or 4 wheels? -What treatment will it have, will it have to absorb many blows?

¿What size need for your hardside luggage?

If the trip is of a longer duration, as two weeks we will have to choose a hardside luggage of big size, between 71 and 80 cm of height. Rigid or soft luggage? The preferences of the individual are also taken into account here. Rigid suitcases are more resistant to shocks and we already know how suitcases are handled at airports.

¿What materials choose for the hardside luggage?

The exteriors materials of hardside luggage are made of ABS, polycarbonate or polypropylene. In the interior of the hardside luggage find the normal materials with aluminium coating. The back of the trolleys is made of PVC foil.
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