Find the Best Spinner Luggage for Travel

The wheels are very important in a luggage, although today there are still those who decide to travel with backpacks or travel bags without wheels. However, as everything advances and changes, luggage has evolved and now they are manufactured with 4 wheels that can be fixed or multidirectional.

10 Spinner Luggage Sets

10 Spinner Luggage Sets

A luggage set is the perfect idea to be prepared for all kind of trips. This selection include the best spinners luggage, with different materials, colors, designs and prices, so you can choose ...

Buyer's guide to get the best spinner luggage
The spinner luggage is one of the most popular types of baggage. This luggage has 4 wheels that allow you transport more weight with less effort. The 360º rotation allows to turn the luggage in every direction.

Wich is the best spinner luggage? What spinner luggage should I buy?

Choosing the best luggage depends on the way you travel and other personal preferences. Every type of luggage has its pros and cons. Here you have some of the adavtanges of the spinner: - Stability. The 4 wheels allows the distributions of the weight and the luggage won't move. - Support. Thanks to stability, this is use as support point for children or seniors. - Control. With a spinner you can control every movement and rotation. They're easier to move thanks to the 360º rotation of the wheels.

What's the best size for a spinner luggage?

- Small lugagge. Cabin lugagge is allowed in different airlines, but size restriction may vary. The most frequent size for cabin baggage is 21.6 x 15.7 x 7.8 inches (55 x 40 x 20 cm) with a maximum weight of 22 pounds (10 kg). If you usually go for short trips, like business trips, weekend getaways or 1-week trips, this size may be ideal for you. - Medium luggage is more appropiate for at least 1 week trips. The size is an intermediate point between the cabin luggage and big luggages. - Large luggages. Maximum size for big luggages goes arounds 27.5 to 31 inches, while maximum weight is 50.7 pounds. These models are recommend for longer trips, but you can also use them to carry kids' stuff, for instance. Most airlines charge an extra fee for every luggage you check in, so you can check in only one big luggage for sevetal people and save money on your holidays.

Hardside vs softside

Spinners can be hardside or softside. Soft baggages have exterior pockets for documents and smaller objects, while hardside luggage only has a main compartiment in the interior. Hardside luggage offers a more compact organization of your stuff, while softside allows a better organization. Choose one or another depends entirely on personal preferences. If you feel you're always close to reaching weight restriction, softside may be the solution for you, because it's lighter and allows to save a couple of pounds. On the other side, a good hardside baggage may be more resistant to impacts and a long-lasting life. If you opt for a hardside spinner, make sure it's scratch and impact resistant, otherwise it may crack too easily.
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