Spinner Luggage

10 Spinner Luggage Sets

10 Spinner Luggage Sets

A luggage set is the perfect idea to be prepared for all kind of trips. This selection include the best spinners, with different materials, colors, designs and prices, so you can choose the one ...

Guide to getting the best spinner luggage. ¿What spinner luggage to buy?
The spinner luggage is one of the common selection for passengers. This luggage have 4 wheels that allow you transport with big easier. Nowadays, wheels are usually multidirections, soft and with 360º rotation.

¿Wich is the best spinner luggage? ¿What spinner luggage should buy?

This type of luggage offer you some advantatges that we explain follow: - Stability: since his distribuit his weight in 4 differents points and this allow that luggage don't move forward and back. - Control: the passenger have better control of the luggage and her is more easy of drag. - Support: Thanks to stability, this is use as support point for children or seniors.

¿What size need for your spinner luggage?

-Small lugagge, the cabin lugagge, are allow by the differents air companies. The size is 55 x 40 x 20 cm with a weight max of 10 kg, in this dimensions are include wheels and handle. This size is the recommend for short travels or weekend travels. -Medium luggage is more appropiate for week travels. The size is the recommend for carry check in luggage in the differents air companies. The weight is roughly 15-16 Kg and her have a height of 60cm to 69cm. -Large luggage are recommend for long travels. This size allow carry check in luggage of 23kg in the differents air companies and her luggage is transport in the airplane hold. Large luggage have a height roughly of 70cm to 79cm.

¿What materials choose for the spinner luggage?

The soft luggage has exterior pockets for documents and objects, while hardside luggage only has a main compartiment in the interior. The hardside luggage is better organization, since his have 2 compartiments for the luggage, while soft luggage only have a main compartiment for clothes. The soft luggage is more recommend for travels that you don't use airplanes. This hardside luggage is more resistent to impacts and scratches.
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