Find the Best Kids Luggage for Travel

Kids Luggage must be sized for the child’s height. This way, he will be able to carry it easily and take care of his own luggage. It is also important that it does not exceed the measurements required by the airlines for hand luggage, so that when you travel by plane you do not have to check it in.

10 Best Kids Luggage

10 Best Kids Luggage

Travelling with kids may be hard sometimes, especially when it comes to packing. Having a luggage for your children will help you pack all the things you need and he will be happy to carry his ...

Kids Luggage Buyer's Guide
Before you buy your kids' luggage, it's important you consider the different types of luggage there are: 4-wheeled, 2-wheeled, hardside, softside, or bags. Investing in high-quality, long-lasting materials is always a good idea. Children won't really take care of their luggage, so choosing a long-lasting luggage may be a good idea on the long term.

Wich is the best kids luggage? What kids luggage should I buy?

Design is very important for kids - you should consider this factor so your children like their suicases. Designs for chidren are playful and colorful and you can choose among many popular characters. Choose your kids' favorite and they will love it! Traditional luggage may be boring for children, but if their baggage is pretty and fun, travelling will become a new exciting game to play!

What's the best size for a kids' luggage?

To get an appropiate size for your kids' luggage, you should consider the type and frequency of the trips. The type of transportation is also important. For short trips (like weekend getways) a cabin suitcase is more than enough. They are the smallest options for planes, they're lightweight and versatile. You may even use them for a sleep over at grandma's! For longer holidays (for instance, trips of more than a week long), you should opt for a medium luggage for them or you can place their stuff in your own large suitcase.

What materials should I choose for my kids' luggage?

Kids aren't too careful, so the best option is to get a hardside luggage that will last for several years. Some long-lasting luggage materials are ABS, polypropylene and polycarbonate.
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